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About Dead Affect

Dead Affect is a band of seasoned musicians from Atlanta, GA that plays the music of the Grateful Dead ... and they put their own "fingerprint" on it. Following the Fare-Thee-Well tour in July of 2015 they formed and have been creating a buzz in the local Grateful Dead community with their high-energy, dynamic shows ever since.

"We are life-long Deadheads. For us it is more than just the music ... it is a lifestyle ... a way of conducting yourself. The Grateful Dead has touched and shaped our lives in beautiful ways and for that we're honored and humbled to play this incredible music for our fans. We love feeling the energy between us and the audience. There's nothing better than being part of the magic that happens at shows ... "

"We look forward to seeing YOU at our next one! .............. PEACE ALL!"

Dead Affect Is

Michael May
Guitar & Vocals

Jeremy Foti
Bass Guitar


For Booking Dead Affect

Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

(678) 641-6820